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Beads-of-Clay Blog Color Challenge! Guidelines and Timeframe

It’s a New Year with new goals, and I am renewing my commitment to blogging and improving my work by initiating a challenge to myself and to all of you Beads-of-Clay members, followers and bead and button lovers who would like to join in!

Here is the goal: To complete a finished piece of artwork, piece of jewelry, Art Bead or Beads that illustrates each of the following color schemes within the time allotted.

Each color scheme will be open for 4 weeks, and a new color scheme will be announced every 2 weeks. This is a rotating schedule—it’s a little crazy I know, but I think it would be good to finish it up before the busy summer season. I will list the time frame for anyone (like me) who would like to plan ahead!
Here are the guidelines-

1. Fabulous prizes from Beads-of-Clay bead and button artists will be awarded to one of the entries in each of the different color schemes at the end of the allotted time.
2. Each entry on the Beads-of-Clay color challenge must include a clay bead, button, cabochon ect made from one of these materials -- Porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, terra cotta, raku, Egyptian paste, and clay slip – so that means earthen clay only. The entry itself can be a Bead of Clay or Set of Clay beads, or an entry can include a bead of clay. Entries are not limited to wearable arts. You do not have to be a clay bead maker to participate.
3. Entries in the challenge should be added to the Beads-of-Clay flickr group in order to be considered for the Fabulous Prizes!

What do you think? Are you ready to have fun, and stretch your use of color?

Color Challenge Time line
Monochromatic color scheme January 8th-Febuary 5th
Analogous color scheme January 22-Febuary 19th
Complementary color scheme February 5th- March 5th
Split-complementary color scheme February 19th- March 19th
Tetradic color scheme March 5th- April 2nd
Neutral color scheme March 19th- April 16th
Accented neutral color scheme April 2- April 30th
Warm and Cool Color Schemes April 16th- May 14th

Here is a very useful tool that I found to help with the challenge-- http://websitetips.com/colortools/sitepro/
It generates color schemes! I think this is a great tool to visualize different color schemes and help decide which one to choose.

What is a color scheme?

Wikipedia says this about color schemes—Here is a link-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_scheme

I will attempt to define and illustrate each color scheme on or around the opening date for each scheme for those of us who may need a reminder.

Monochromatic color Scheme opens today! I will post a follow-up blog post with some examples!

Do you have any questions?

Ask away!

Or you can contact me via my etsy shop-- www.artisanclay.etsy.com Use the convo or contact button on the site.


  1. There are polymer beads up in the gallery again .

  2. That sounds like an awesome challenge!! Could you make a printable timeline for us at all? Then I could post it on my studio wall.

    Thanks so much for this great challenge :)


  3. I love that color scheme site...very neat. Plus, I'm looking forward to the challenge of working with clay beads!

  4. Your blog challenge is really great Kristie. Thanks so much for doing this. I am looking forward to participating and donating some prizes.

  5. Hmm, Marie I don't know that I know how to make a printable timeline for you.

    Can you highlight the text you want, copy it and paste it to a word document. You would then be able to print it from there. I hope this helps!

    Otherwise you can give me your email address and I can send it to you in an email. :-)


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