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Rusty Reds on Flickr

This week was another one for great finds from the Beads-of-Clay Flickr group! Here is Jessica Sharrah's Rust Ceramic Pendant Necklace What a great woven texture!

And look at all the detail on Lisa Steven's Turquoise Carnival Necklace. I love the ribbon on this The Colors of Autumn Ceramic Pendant Necklace by Winchell Clayworks

Even I have been feeling the pull of the season. I was all about red, red and more red in my work of the past two weeks. Here is My Zombies are Coming! Cabochon By ArtisanClay
Do you have any Beads-of-Clay news? A great way to use beads-of-clay? Some fun happening in your studio? We'd love to hear about it!
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  1. Thank you for the feature - I'm honored! What a great bunch of finds!

  2. Love Jessica's woven pendant piece and all the other wonderful selections!



  3. Gorgeous pendants! They all have such unique colors.


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