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Getting Ready

Can you feel the energy being expended as many ceramic bead and button artists prepare for the Beads of Clay Open Studio Blog Event on Sunday October 25, 2009 at 1:00PM EST. I hope you will join us as we open up our studios and blog with you about our work. We will also be having giveaways and special sale prices for the day.
Beads of Clay artists will be blogging with you live through the comments section on our blogs. You can be eligible for any of the participating artists' giveaways by commenting on their blogs during the time frame in the schedule below and your name will be thrown into the hat for the two drawings that will take place. Also you will be able to purchase work by the artists at special sales prices during the event and until Midnight on Oct. 25.

And what could be better, you will get a look into the studios of all of these artists.
A list of all participants follows and will be up on this Blog on the day of the event to make it easy for you to travel to all of the sites.

Hope to see you and read your comments. I have included a schedule of how the event will go and a list of all the participants.

BOC October 25, 2009 Open Studio Fall Theme Schedule of events:

1pm: Individual Artists welcome people to their blog by introducing themselves and announcing any special discount prices in their Etsy store or website.
1:45: Picture posting of 1st giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
2pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
2:15: Opening up your studio space: Share pictures of your studio
3pm: Picture posting of 2nd giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
3:15pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
3:30pm: Here are some "Fall" info that we would like to share
4:00 End of event but shoppers can continue with your "sale" prices until Midnight

MarshaNealStudio http://www.marshanealstudio.blogspot.com/
MaryHardingJewlery http://www.maryhardingjewelrybeadblog.blogspot.com/
Chinook Jewelry http://chinookdesigns.blogspot.com/
Diane Hawkey http://dianehawkey.blogspot.com/
Marsha Hedrick http://porcelainart.blogspot.com/
Joan Tucker http://offcenterproductions.blogspot.com/
Indian Creek Studios http://pampots.blogspot.com/
Lisa Peters http://lisa-petersart.blogspot.com/
Kristie Roeder http://artisanclay.blogspot.com/
Tracy Isley http://tracyisley.blogspot.com/
Melanie Earthenwood Studio http://earthenwood-beads.blogspot.com/
Winchell Clay Works http://www.winchell-clayworks.com/
Summers Studio http://summersstudio.blogspot.com/
Jessica Sharrah http://jessicasharrah.blogspot.com/
Creative Impressions in Clay http://www.claybuttons.blogspot.com/
EveryHeartCrafts http://everyheartcrafts.blogspot.com/
Donna Kornegay http://blingbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com/


  1. What a fantastic idea! I posted the event on my blog, and I look forward to stopping by.

  2. I am really bummed that I will be away from my computer tomorrow at that time! Bummer! I wish you all much success and I will try to come by Sunday night and see how it went (and what I missed...grrr!)
    Enjoy the day!

  3. this is a wondeful event -
    marsha's link is not working!

  4. The correct link to the Marsha Neal Studio blog is:

    And should be updated soon. Thanks for noticing Mary Jane!

  5. Oh, how I wish I could have been here for this event! I was able to sneak a little time to check in but it didn't fall during the times of the drawings...shucks!

    It looked like a lot of fun and I hope to have time tomorrow to check each blog out in detail.

    A lot of work went into getting this organized--a big thanks to all who participated!


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