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Bisque Bead Supply

MarshaNealStudio hand drawn chickadee decal on mid-fire porcelain
click here to learn about this technique from MarshaNealStudio

MarshaNealStudio drawing by owner Marsha Minutella on mid fire porcelain

This is a decal fired onto the porcelain bisque pendant. Yet another use for bisque beads.

More info about this process from marshnealstudioblog here Mid Fire Round Porcelain Designed by: Lisa Whipkey
Website: http://www.treebysea.com/Silver Clay Overlay technique used.

Mid Fire Porcelain Triangle CabochonsDesigned by: Lisa Peters ArtRaku technique used.

Low Fire Medium Oval Pendant Designed By: Lisa Peters ArtRaku Technique Used

The above photos are of work done by Marsha Minutella, owner of MarshaNealStudio, Lisa Peters, and Lisa Whipkey using products from Bisque Bead Supply. Can you imagine that there is a place where you can buy bisque ceramic beads in all kinds of shapes and sizes ready for your art work.? Marla James, a Beads-of-Clay member and active ceramic bead artist is the person behind just such a place. Recently, I was able to interview her for the Beads-of-Clay blog. Here is what she had to say.

ceramic tab pendant from BisqueBeadSupply

How did you get started with Bisque Bead Supply?

The idea started a few years ago while I was looking for some basic shapes to use for some Decal work I was doing. I was not able to find what I was looking for, and I also realized that no one had Porcelain or Stoneware Bisque beads or pendants. And the low fire that was available, was too thick and too heavy, for my needs. So, Bisque Bead Supply was created because I saw a need for a product line for the ceramic bead artist and novice who either don't have the time or the equipment and supplies to make the base for there bead and pendant creations.

Can you tell us something about you and your ceramic experiences?

I have been a Potter for over 30 years now. I started in High School and have been muddy every since. I entered into the world of Beads and Pendants about 6 years ago, when a friend asked me to help her make some. Now, 6 years later, my Pottery wheel is complaining for attention. lol

Who makes the bisque pieces and where are they made?

Currently, there are 3 Artists who make 95% of the beads and pendants. And by the end of this year I hope to add on 1 or 2 more Artists' work to the mix. I make a large portion of the pieces myself in my home studio. The right arm of BisqueBeadSupply.com, lives and works in his home studio in Bulgaria. His name is Vladislav Ivanov of GolemStudio.com He and I talked for a couple years about this idea, and he has been a huge influence on the website, in addition to making the perfect beads and pendants in Midfire Stoneware and now Porcelain. And last, BUT, not least, is Donna Harmony from Georgia. She makes the Bisque Word tabs and tassels. Her pieces are Porcelain and are very well made. We hope to carry more of her designs soon. Both of these artists are contracted with BisqueBeadSupply.

What clay bodies do you offer your beads in? Which is most recommended?

We offer Lowfire Stoneware, Midfire Stoneware and Midfire Porcelain. It is hard to recommend one clay body over another. Each Artist has their own favorite clay. And there are awesome glazes available for all of these clay bodies.

What are some of the different ways your bisque beads can be used? Our Bisque can be used for Glaze, Paint, Silver, Bronze and Copper Clay, Altered Art, Decals and whatever else you can think of! We even offer full firing of the pieces, if requested. We think of them as tiny blank canvases for you to create upon.

I notice that you have some bisque word beads and connectors..what other unusual styles are you planning?

I can't give away all of our secrets, but I will say that we have lots of new designs coming.

Do you offer custom work as part of your business?

We do offer custom orders. We are currently working with Marsha Neal Studio to supply her with the exact sizes and shapes she needs and also offering these custom shapes on our website. We are always open to Custom Requests.

What kinds of equipment for firing beads do you sell?

We currently offer Kanthal Bead Rods, kiln stilts and Slip trail bottles and tips. We will be offering our own version of Bead Trees in the very near future. This design will not be available anywhere else. So keep watching!

Are you planning to sell glazes?

There are so many sites that sell glaze. All of which are very reputable. So, at this time, we don't plan on offering them. From time to time folks ask about glazes, I try to lead them to the proper assistance online.

Thank you Marla for such an informative interview and for coming up with such a wonderful resource for artists. And thank you for giving us an opportunity to have more time to Dream and Live. Words you can find here at BisqueBeadSupply.


  1. All the beads are so beautiful and great interview with Marla.

  2. I love to see what everyone is doing with the pieces! They really are great, high quality little blank clay canvases for sure!!!

    Thanks for being a great source for us all Marla (and those of you helping her!)...


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