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Beads-of-Clay Open Studio Blog Event

We are now in the countdown week before this great blog event. I am including a schedule of how the day will go and an updated list of all of the participants with their blog links. If you are a participating artist and want additional info on how to set up your day visit MarshaNealStudio blog for some additional tips and ideas.

BOC October 25, 2009 Open Studio Fall Theme Schedule of events:

1pm: Individual Artists welcome people to their blog by introducing themselves and announcing any special discount prices in their Etsy store or website.
1:45: Picture posting of 1st giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
2pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
2:15: Opening up your studio space: Share pictures of your studio
3pm: Picture posting of 2nd giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
3:15pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
3:30pm: Here are some "Fall" info that we would like to share
4:00 End of event but shoppers can continue with your "sale" prices until Midnight
MarshaNealStudio http://www.marshanealstudioblog.blogspot.com/
Indian Creek Studios http://pampots.blogspot.com/
Melanie Earthenwood Studio http://earthenwood-beads.blogspot.com/
Creative Impressions in Clay http://www.claybuttons.blogspot.com/

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  1. Aw shucks, I'll be gone that day--maybe I can sneak back for a little while. This sounds like a fun event!

    Thanks to all the wonderful participants!


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