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Bead Fest Philly

Beads of Clay spotting at Bead Fest Philly!Joan Miller Porcelain had an absolutely gorgeous booth!
I am a huge fan of Joan Miller Porcelain. Joan's bead making skills are amazing, and I think she must be the friendliest bead maker around! Check out detailed shots of her beads at her website and etsy shop. Joan can be found at these upcoming shows as well as the web.

I also spotted Marsha and Darlene at their Marsha Neil Studio's Booth. I think Marsha must have a color for every situation. The rainbow of jewels in her booth was so impressive to see in person. Marsha has all her links on her Blog, etsy shop, show schedule, main website ect...

Darlene of D7 studios is running the Marsha Neil Studios show schedule. Darlene also carries tons of great beads and pendants by other beads-of-clay artists such as Golem Design Studio, Off Center Productions, and more. Darlene also carries art glass, specialty findings and a rainbow of silks.
I even had an Artisan Clay Artist Table of my own at Bead Fest. Being the new girl around the show, I am really happy for all the feedback I received on my work.
The best way to catch up with me is through my Artisan Clay etsy site and my blog.
It was such a blast talking with all my Beads-of-Clay buddies at the show! Until next time!


  1. Great booths! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cool to see all these goodies, second best only to being there ;) Maybe one of these days!

  3. So wonderful to see these pics, especially for those of us who don't get northeast very often.

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful post Kristie. So nice to see all the booths and hear about the show. Your work looks great.

  5. WOW! Talk about eye candy! I love to see the booth displays. It really shows what great artists you all are!


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