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Today I am visiting the Blog of Linda Starr at Blue Star Gallery. She has a very informative post on how she makes these lovely pieces. You can click on the link for her blog and read all about it.

I have also seen on her blog that she is doing some experiments with barrel firings. They are about to take place.

When I first started blogging I wrote up my experiments in this area and you can see them here.

I did a number of posts and in fact at that time that was the only subject I blogged about. I am hopeful that Linda finds my stuff helpful and I am sure that I will learn from her.

I hope you all will take a trip to Linda's blog and leave a comment either here or there.

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  1. Hi Mary, thanks for visiting my blog and for the great article. I've watched several of your videos and they are very helpful. I need to go back and watch them again. Coincidentally, I was just visiting your website and I see have books you have written for sale there too - what a great resource they must be.

    I just posted the pieces I fired from my barrel firing today and I have several pendants and some of them came out great. Now I am super enthused to make some more pendants and beads and fire them in a barrel - it's great fun. Thanks again, you are really an inspiration.

    Here is the link to my barrel fired photos:



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