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Interview with Diane Winrich of Bead Studio and Art Gallery

Diane Winrick's dream since she was 11 years old was to own and open her own bead shop. June 11th of this year, 2008, her dream came true.

When and how did you fall in love with beads?

I started beading as a child. I must have been around 12 years of age. And of course I was hooked, but didn't have the money back then, so the real bug didn't happen until years later. I became a crafting nut, but the bug bit again, so I threw out or sold all of my different crafts to do just beads. I will work with all beads, anything and everything… stringing, peyote, Dutch spiral, Herringbone, Wire Wrapping, clay beads, lamp work beads… and I know there are a few I am missing.

Your lifelong dream was to open a bead store. Last July that finally happened. Can you share with us how the dream is different than the reality? Is it better? Worse?

It is everything I had ever hoped for plus more. My degree is in engineering and making the switch was like night and day. I feel 100 times better just because I am now doing what I love to do.

Starting a business is always a lot of work, how many hours a week do you find yourself working? Is it worth the effort?

It is worth every moment… We are still new, so I am putting in the seven days 12 hour day scenario.

Do you offer classes in beading? If so, what kinds?

We are still offering the basics, Beginning, wire wrap, Peyote and Dutch Spiral… but soon we will be offering PMC (I am certified in PMC), herringbone and a few interesting creations that I am making into kits.

What is the funniest thing about being a bead shop owner? The pitfalls (if any)?

I don’t know about the funniest things… but One bonus that I hadn’t anticipated… was all the new wonderful Friends I have made.

The pit fall is always waiting for the monies to come in to place another order. I am still building inventories.

What type of artist beads do you find yourself carrying in your shop and how do you find these artists?

At the moment, I have only a lamp work artist here at the shop, besides of course my own work. I would love to see more clay beads. I also have several local artists displaying their jewelry. With in the next few weeks, I will have my clay beads in the store also. I will post pictures for everyone on BOC... it will be my first posting.

What kind of national bead shows do you enjoy attending throughout the year?

I used to live in Waukesha , Wisconsin , so for obvious reason, Bead and Button Show was always my favorite.

Diane's shop is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, but you can visit her bead store on the internet at Bead Elegance. Diane says, "Who says dreams don't come true. Remember you have to have dreams in order for them to come true."

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  1. I wanna start creating wonderful necklaces and bracelets but i have no idea how to start. Thanks for creating this blog I can learn a lot!


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