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Mystic Spiral

(Taken from her Etsy Profile)


Andi became interested in jewelry as a form of artistic expression because of the inherent intimacy of small scale work. She finds that a pendant invites the viewer to come closer, to turn it in their hands, and to explore it in a way that larger scale pieces might not. Her interest in decorative surfaces and finishes encourages her to explore innovative techniques such as pit firing in order to achieve fresh and varied effects.

"I love making these little faces. I started making them for art dolls but couldn't resist putting them on my bronze shawl pins."

Andi attended Wright State University and received a BA in art with extensive coursework in art history. Her interest in art and its past and present context grew out of her extensive international travels as a military dependant. Her early works spanned a variety of media including photography, drawing, printmaking, sculpting and metalworking.

My fascination with tiny vessels dates back to my art history studies in college. In the ancient world, perfumes and potions were precious. The containers made to contain these exotic fluids were amongst the most prized possessions of pharaohs, kings and emperors. I often find myself returning to my art history studies and my interest in ancient civilizations when seeking inspiration for my work.

Since graduating from college, I have explored aromatherapy for migraine relief, stress reduction, and relaxation. I have also developed a strong love for artisan fragrances by creators like Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Search Etsy for “Aromatherapy” or for “Fragrance” and you will find artists whose creations are intended to appeal to the most forgotten of our senses.

My handcrafted pendant vessels are perfect for aromatherapy or fragrance oils. They are hand-formed with meticulous attention to detail. The interiors are glazed to prevent excess absorption of your precious potions.

The beautiful dark brown stoneware is so beautiful that it is left exposed, accented with a wash of warm black glaze that has been buffed of the surface so that all that remains are traces around the rich surface texture. The final effect is beautifully reminiscent of ancient cast iron.

Measuring in at 7/8 inch (22mm) wide by 2 1/8 inches (53mm) tall, this pendant vessel is large enough to attract attention without being overwhelming. A 2mm stringing hole runs horizontally across the back to allow for a wide variety of stringing options.

A small ceramic heart securely wired onto a bronze shawl pin. The pins are sharp and light weight, perfect for use on an overcoat or handwoven scarf even if you don't wear shawls. "I would no recommend using them on fine woven fabrics (i.e. your favorite silk blouse) as the pin will likely leave a hole...)"

Andi Fasimpaur is a Dayton, Ohio ceramic artist, focusing on the creation of miniature works of art and the continuing relationship those works have with their creator and audience.


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