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MAKU Studio

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My name is Marianne Kasparian and my friends call me "MAK". I first fell in love with clay in high school (over 20 years ago). I took three years back in the day and went on to get a degree from the University of Maryland at College Park in Textile Marketing.

I never knew that I could do what I love as a career! So now, after many years in the restaurant business, career counseling and much soul searching (The Secret,etc!), I have decided to pursue my passion.

Looking to make a statement!!! Funky, fun and very shimmery! This very large handmade raku pottery piece gives off many colors depending on the light shining on it. Looks more green with blue and gold shimmery glaze when the light is not shining on it. Much more exciting in person! Simply tie it around your neck or use it as a focal bead in your next jewelry creation!

Raku pottery was made long ago for Japanese tea ceremonies. It was modernized later into the process you see today. This involves taking a piece of pottery that has been bisque fired and glazed then firing it in a raku kiln (which my husband and I built ourselves). The piece is then fired to about 1800 degrees F and pulled out of the kiln while still red hot then placed in a reduction chamber containing organic materials such as newspaper, sawdust, leaves, etc. Smoke is created and reacts with the pot leaving the unglazed portion black (a very unique characteristic of raku). It's so exciting and creates one of kind colors which are very hard to duplicate.

This handmade raku hearts magnet will look great in your home or office year round! A little piece of art to brighten your day! Makes a great gift!

I have taken additional pottery classes along the years in Bethany Beach (DE), Sedona (AZ) and Phoenix (AZ). I will keep at it until I can make a living doing what I am meant to be doing.

This handmade raku focal bead has great irridescent colors and will look great in your next creation! Not in the mood to create, not to worry! This piece comes with a 36 inch hand dyed silk ribbon that you can tie right around your neck! You are sure to look fabulous! A little piece of art to brighten your day! Makes a great gift!

I am a member of the Arizona Clay Association. I now live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband, little boy, 2 dogs and 1 fish. I am particularly in love with the art of Raku. It's so exciting to see the finished product. I hope you enjoy my work.

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  1. Your work is gorgeous. Don't you love Arizona--great weather for clay and raku.


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