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Off Center Productions

(Taken from her Etsy Profile)


We are Lana Weed and Joan Tucker, potters at Off Center Productions, our studio/ gallery in Lacey, Washington.

Lana makes dream boxes, mother bowls, and hand-built and wheel thrown vessels. Joan makes pendants and small sculptural pieces for artisan jewelers.

We are interested in ancient design themes, natural forms, and whimsical designs. All pieces are wheel-thrown or hand-built. We do all our glazing and firing with an electric kiln or raku processes.Off Center Productions is a small pottery studio.

We make handmade, one of a kind porcelain and stoneware pendants, focals, and beads. We also make porcelain and stoneware dream boxes, mother bowls, and trays.

We strive to design beautiful pottery and hope to supply artisan jewelers with focal pieces to use in their craft. We fire to Cone 6 - all of the work is glazed and high fired.

This Necklace designed by Norma Dalton with a porcelain tube from Off Center Productions.

We strive to create mutually beneficial collaborative craft relationships. We sell at shops, shows, ETSY, and in trunk shows. We travel extensively and love to share our work with other crafters around the country. We will create special orders of coordinated glazed porcelain items for mobiles, wind chimes, wall art or other needs. We can make personalized miniatures for scrapbookers and beaders.

This Rust and White Pendant has a folded stringing channel.

We sell most of our pieces to individuals and shops; we list only a sample of the styles on Etsy and ask interested parties to email us or call us as to availability and to arrange for a showing of the entire line.

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  1. These pieces are beautiful! They have such a natural earthy feel to them.


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