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Button Bliss

(Taken from her Etsy Profile)


Some of you may know my beads, www.joanmillerporcelain.etsy.com
or www.joanmiller.com. My beads have been published in various bead magazines and the Lark book, "Bead Love." In 2005 my Scarab and Dragonfly Necklace won first place clay category Lapidary Journal Bead Arts Awards and in 2007 my Mermaid and Sea Creatures bead collection won first place handmade beads or buttons in Bead and Button's Bead Dreams competition.

Well...anything I can do on a bead, I can do on a button. Buttons may be listed as sets or singles. I am primarily a bead and jewelry artist working in porcelain. My primary Etsy shop is Joan Miller Porcelain. The other day I got the urge to make buttons which I have not made in years. I'm not sure why but I just wanted a button store.......

Here is a set of six small porcelain buttons. Brown glaze turns blue where is pools in the ridges. Very subtle but pretty. Buttons measure approx. 23mm in diameter and are 6mm thick. Garment with buttons can be machine washed inside out(no dryer please!)

This set of 3 four hole porcelain buttons are approx. 28 mm in diameter and 3.5 mm thick. Handmade with colored porcelain slip(liquid porcelain) with clear gloss glaze on both sides.

This set just looks like a party. Buttons are peacock blue colored porcelain with raised slip chartreuse swirls and pink dots. I made 6 coordinating buttons each with a little variation in pattern. Each button is approx. 23mm in diameter and 4.5mm thick. Buttons are glazed on both sides.

Have a special project that needs a very special button(s)? Let me know! Send me your fabric or yarn snips along with number of buttons, size, style ( 2-hole, 4-hole, or shank)and budget. I will make custom buttons for you. Request pattern or theme or let me design for you. Contact me for mailing address if you have fiber samples for me. When your buttons are done I will list them as reserve for you.

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