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Shaterra Clay Studio

(Taken from her Etsy Profile and About Me from her website)


I am Sharleen and my business name is Shaterra Clay Studio. I have been designing and selling ceramic jewelry components and finished jewelry since 2003. All of my items are fashioned from low-fire white or red clay, and are fired at least twice. All of my designs are original and unique. I have been crafting in one way or another since childhood. My education includes a degree in Textile and Clothing design. I own 4 sewing machines, a knitting machine, and a loom in addition to my kiln!!

These hand shaped, coin type beads are 1" round. One side features a leaf design, the other a swirl design. Unique beads to add a special touch to your jewelry designs. I have been working in ceramics for about 4 years. While I do have an artistic background, my college training was in fashion design. I was on the art show circuit for about 15 years, designing and selling various fiber items, mostly clothing.

This green ceramic turtle is fashioned from red clay. He measures 2 3/4" long x 1 1/2" wide through the body. Glazed with subtle greens, he has a 3D swirl design on his back. Around 1990 or so, I started playing with beads and creating necklaces and earrings. Gradually my product line segued into jewelry design. In 2002, I became interested in making my own beads. I had taken a ceramics class in high school, and as soon as I got my hands back into the clay, I remembered how much I loved it.

Pressed from ginko leaves gathered at a nearby conservatory, this lovely ginko leaf will get many compliments. It can be worn alone on a chain or cord, or string a beaded cord. 2 1/2" wide x 1 3/4" long, glazed and fired ceramic. I especially love color. My inspiration often comes when I am half-asleep , and designs appear in my head. All of my beads, buttons and pendants are made of low fire clay that comes from the earth. This is the same material that ceramic pots have been made from for centuries. The beads are individually hand formed using clay rollers that enable me to make very round and other symmetrical shapes.

Some are carved or have 3-D motifs attached. The pendants are cut from rolled clay and embellished. All of the elements are created from low fire clay, which is fired twice, first in a biscuit or bisque firing, then glazed and fired again at a lower temperature.

This results in a very durable bead that is waterproof, and the finish will never wear off. However, some caution should be used when handling the beads, as they will crack or chip if dropped from a distance onto a hard surface.

My other interests include reading, gardening and I have a special love for animals. My two dogs are my "K-9 Ceramic Companions" and most often can be found sleeping on the futon next to the table where I work.

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