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Marla's Mud


Hi! I'm Marla.
I have been playing with earth clay most of my life. For the past few years I have been making tiny things. Pendants,beads and tiny sculpture.

This Pretty pendant is made of White Stoneware. It measures 45mm x 37mm. Glazed in a Grape Marbled Glaze with black cobblestone over the right half. Glazed front and back. All my beads and pendants are handmade in my home studio, and are either porcelain or stoneware clay bodies. Both of which are very durable.

This Stoneware Maple Leaf Pendant is glazed front and back with a rustic brown glaze. This is a carved piece. No mold used here. Fired before and after glazing, it is a very sturdy piece. It measures 1 3/4" x1 3/4". No Sharp edges. Stringing hole is smooth,2mm, and won't be a thread cutter. All my beads and pendants are handmade in my home studio.

This set of 6 buttons are handmade from Porcelain clay. The backs are glazed with a shiny Black. Each Measures 22mm round.

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