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LadyBrook Designs

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Hi! I am Christine Smith, with a passion for clay! Creating beads, pendants & jewelry is a great joy for me. Each "LadyBrook Design" piece is made with love & care, and is as special as you are. I believe we adorn to express our inner self & spirit so...with head held high,smile... and let the light within you shine! It is my wish & delight that wearing "LadyBrook Designs" jewelry lets you express the unique beautiful person you are. Enjoy!

This is another in a series of unique ceramic crosses handmade of ceramic clay & designed, glazed on both sides with hi-fire wire loop 1mm set in low profile. The Pendant is 1 1/2" long & 1" wide & 1/8" thick. I handcraft my beads and pendants from ceramic, porcelain & terra-cotta clays.

Making beads with clay is an ancient art form...and I love the whole process of creating my LadyBrook beads from the clay.

This next Pendant is titled Birds of Peace ... surrounding a universal star! It is hand stamped & designed, glazed front & back with "Peace" hand written in the clay & initialed by artist. The glaze on birds is actually a more lighter turquoise blue. A beautiful pendant to design with. Pendant is 1 1/2" diameter with a 2 mm hole.

Pendants, beads & charms are designed by hand stamping the soft clay with a variety of textures, adding the holes, and Hi-fire wire for loops then in the kiln to bisque. Next I glaze, and also carefully hand-paint with underglazes followed by a few coats of clear glaze. The beads, pendants & charms are then placed back in the kiln carefully on my handmade hooks, the kiln is fired up again and when cool to room temperature ....the lid is lifted as I hold my breath and get that thrill of Wow! Then I design them into the jewelry you see...or for your own designs!

These are very tiny ceramic flowers from the LadyBrook fairy garden with hand painted details & glazed both front & back is solid glaze color. Each has hi-fire wire loop. Lovely to dangle off any of your creations. Each one is a tiny work of art. Flower Dangles about 1/4" diam with a 1mm loop.

Here at LadyBrook Designs studio...the fairies play, the moon & stars dance...and along with nature, music & my imagination...I create!! Besides the great joy of working in my studio, I also enjoy my guitar, conga drum, flute, dancing, gardening....being in the woods hiking, dreaming!

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