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Joan Miller Porcelain

(Taken from her Etsy Profile and About the Artist section of her Website)

Joan Miller Porcelain is a one woman operation. She has a BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art and has been working as a full-time professional craftsperson since 1989. She maintains an in-home studio on 13 wooded acres in Eastern PA where she lives with her husband, two dogs, a cat and a frog. Her work is done primarily in porcelain, using body stains in porcelain slips. Her detail work and use of color and pattern are exquisite! Nature is her best source of inspiration as frogs, fish and other small creatures are frequent subject matter.

Five happy koi swim all around this hollow porcelain lentil shaped focal bead. Finish simply and wear as a pendant or incorporate into your fabulous beading project. Koi and flowers are dimensional in raised colored porcelain slip. Bead is finished with a clear gloss glaze and fired in an electric kiln to cone 6. This Bead measures 30mm in diameter and is 18mm thick.

Joan: I love spending time in the studio and give my undivided attention to every single piece. I graduated from the MD Institute of Art in 1984 with a BFA in Fine Arts. I have been working almost exclusively in porcelain since 1989 when my jewelry business was born. Over the last six to seven years my interest has shifted from finished jewelry to beads. I love the collaborative nature of beads. I am thrilled when another artists chooses to use my beads in their creations.

This is a lovely little set of my patterned disc beads. These little guys have so many design possibilities. Small enough to be spacers but interesting enough to stand on their own as a design element. Use as shown or flat like wheels. Materials: colored porcelain, clear glaze. Size: strand is about 1 3/4 inches long and each disc is approx. 15mm in diameter and 5mm thick.

This set of three whimsical porcelain pendant consists of one pear, one garlic and one carrots. Pendants are cone 6 porcelain with raised fruit/vegetable design. Dark underglaze antiquing accents form and pendants are finished with a satin glaze. Great gift for gardener, cook, vegetarian, etc. Each pendant measures approx. 24mm x 30 mm and is 4mm thick.

Joan had no idea there was a market for just beads until one summer at the Guilford Handcrafts Expo in CT ... she was working on some pieces in the back of her booth during a slow period and she noticed ladies coming behind her counter poking through the bead boxes. One of these ladies told her about a little bead show in CT and the rest is history. In recent years she has concentrated on art beads. Joan says, “To me beads take on a life of their own, just like the little critters portrayed on them. A good bead can stand on it’s own as an individual work of art, but is just as comfortable being incorporated into another piece of art.”

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