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(Taken from her "About" section of her Website)

My fabulous ceramic bead making book will be out this June. I am so excited and I know you will love it. If you want to receive information about it when it comes out sign up for my newsletter and I will keep you posted.

Art to me is such an inborn process. I wouldn't know what to do with my life if I wasn't making something. I believe this is part of our purpose on earth is to create with our hands. It is very satisfying to see something physical that you have created from almost nothing.

These cute little beads are about 5/8" wide. They come as a set of five and are already to be strung up. The holes run side to side. These are a limited editon bead and only a few sets have been made.

I like forms in nature. I love visiting aquariums and botanical gardens. I love taking photos of what I see. Nature is the perfect example of art. I gather a lot of inspiration from it. But most of all my passion is color. I love color and experimenting with new combinations. That is why my work is always changing. Beads are such a great opportunity to express myself. No two are ever the same. Each bead to me is an individual work of art.

These links would be great with a few glass coordinating beads in between. Each bead has two wire loops for attching. These beads are a little bigger than an inch in diameter.

My goal and aspirations as an artist are to provide the public with small pieces of art that anyone can afford. I have always made functional art. I think the best art is art that can be utilized everyday in our lives, whether it is wearing a beaded necklace or drinking from a hand thrown mug. This way a relationship is formed between the user and the artist. I strive to keep my art affordable. By doing this art can touch more lives, educating and interesting more people. The more art lovers we have the more we all benefit.

Yet again, another one of my ideas that I just never got made into jewelry. I hate that I never got to this one, because I think she would be so cute. Make sure you check out her shoes.

About the process: I am a control freak and because of that you benefit. I enjoy the entire process too much to let anyone help me. I make every bead myself. I start by hand forming the clay into the shape I want, whether it is a ball, cylinder, or flower. After the beads are slowly dried they are fired in an electric kiln to 2000 degrees. They are individually glazed with tiny brushes. After the underglaze colors are applied then two coats of clear glaze are painted on the bead. They are then placed back in the kiln for a second firing. This time on special bead holders designed by myself. After the second firing, I can hardly wait to open my kiln and see what small treasures I have created.

Please enjoy my beads and jewelry as much as I do making them.

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