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We use four different clay bodies to make Our ceramic pendants. The lightest clay is a porcelain body that is bright white and shows off bright colors and special effect glazes most effectively. Our chocolate clay body is a beautiful dark brown color that looks wonderful with semi opaque and matte glazes. The chocolate color gives an feeling of depth and warmth. It is a favorite!

These handmade ceramic peace pendant ornaments are made with glass and ceramic beads on copper wire and are about 4" long. This one is shown in "Emerald" but may be ordered in other colors (please see color chart at http://www.gaea.cc/gaea_colors.html) Orders may take about 2-3 weeks to fill. These high fired pendants are available with many words including "joy", "love" and "peace"

These handmade ceramic heart pendants are strung on faux leather cord in black, brown or tan and have a hand formed copper wire clasp. Necklaces are about 17" long but may be requested in other lengths. Necklace is shown in "Butter on Tan" but may be ordered in other colors (again, please see color chart at http://www.gaea.cc/gaea_colors.html) These high fired hearts are available with roses, daisies, roses/daisies, skulls and flowers, sea shells, coffee beans, leaves, floral or plain and measure approximately 1 3/4" wide.

The buff clay body adds a wonderful warm "antique" glow.
Tan clay is a medium color clay that looks good with crackle and semi opaque galzes. Due to our pendants handmade nature each one will vary a bit. That just makes each one unique and different. All our pendants and art are high fired to cone 5 which makes them strong and beautiful!

Here are 10 Gaea handmade ceramic "odds & ends" pendants and beads! We have accumulated a lot of odds (not quite the right color/shape/size/style, small hidden and not so hidden cracks or blemishes) and ends (discontinued, experiments, etc...) that are perfect and fun for craft projects, jewelry, ornaments, mosaics or scrap booking! We are clearing out these fun bundles and each are a mix of colors and styles and available while supplies last! Gaea handmade pendants and are high fired to almost 2200 degrees to make them beautiful and durable.

Glaze colors range from transparent to opaque, bright to pale in color and everything in between! We use several special crackle glazes and have many new colors for Fall. Because our pendants are handmade in small batches the same color on the same clay may vary from firing to firing.

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  1. What a cool pendant! and their colors are just amazing. More like a jade which adds character to the wearer. Thanks for sharing.


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