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Earthenwood Sudio

(Taken from her Etsy Profile)

Earthenwood Studio is a name dreamed up many moons ago by two artists who fell in love while studying at art school and started to plan their personal and professional lives together. The name combines Melanie’s love of earth clays and Chuck’s love of wood engraving and paper arts.

This is a set of three Memento Heart charms. This style of charm can be seen in a project called "Brokenhearted Necklace" in the new issue of Simple Beads Magazine, on bookshelves now!

Earthenwood Studio specializes in a wide range of Arts and Crafts. Our handcrafted craft gift line includes handcrafted porcelain jewelry components and kits, ceramic earthenware gift tile, terra cotta scent and spa products, and stoneware sculpture. We also feature prints and original paintings in the sci-fi fantasy genre.

This winged pendant has two side holes and is glazed front and back. Perfect for an aviation, steam punky style necklace. Inspired by old timey aeroplanes and old school tattoos.

Although the two artists work independently, they share their home studio space, the Earthenwood Studio website, and they travel together for shows and conventions supporting and helping each other out as often as possible.

Melanie is a ceramic artist, specializing in the miniature world of beads and jewelry. Working in the comfort of her home studio, she has been making and selling ceramic beads and jewelry of her own design for much of the ten years since she graduated art college. She has sold her work in galleries, bead stores, bead shows, and through the Earthenwood website . In the last three years, the studio business has become a full time occupation, and is the realization of life long dreams. Melanie works at the home studio with her husband and fellow artist Chuck, and they are "assisted" by their loyal companion, Zoey the studio dog.

This Amethyst and Red Mayfly Fairy Pendant is one of Melanie's Mayfly Fairies glazed in red, black, and amethyst. Two holes at the top for a necklace. She was hand carved by Melanie and made into a clay mold.

For her beads, Melanie is drawn mostly to working in fine white porcelain because of the detail it provides and how it acts as a blank canvas for the colorful and varied glazes in her palette. The beads are all fired to a mid-high fire temperature (about 2300 degrees F) in an electric kiln. Custom molds are used for some of the most detailed beads, and others are hand formed individually. Some of the beads are made with a combination of mold techniques mixed with hand forming using wooden tools, stamps, and small sprig molds. Melanie especially enjoys imagery of fairyland, goddesses, and the natural world. She finds inspiration in historical ceramics like Yixing Teapots and Egyptian Amulets, as well as the miniature carvings of Ojime and Netsuke of Japan. Fantasy artwork and Anime also are an endless source of inspiration.

Melanie always loves to see her beads come alive in the bead and craft creations of others, enjoying this collaboration with artists and designers, and the pleasure when her beads can inspire someone's imagination! She spends most of her business time chatting with customers and fellow artists online or in person at the various bead shows she attends. This interaction with creative people is one of the most rewarding thing about the Earthenwood Studio business.

Melanie also places importance on working with others in the ceramic bead community. She is the co-founder and co-moderator of the Beads of Clay group, which has a galley website and a discussion group. This group works together to raise awareness in the bead world about the beauty of handcrafted, artisan ceramic beads through education and collaborative Earthenwood.


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