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Blue Spice Creative

(Taken from her Etsy Profile)

Blue Spice Creative specializes in historical reproductions of beads, ceramics, paternosters/rosaries, and other artifacts of the ancient/classical and medieval eras.

This Creamy Ceramic Pendant on white ceramic terracotta is 34mm length x 54mm wide. It is decorated with sgraffito triangle/spiral and antlers motifs and pierced in 3 places for a variety of stringing/ornamentation options. Preformed hole makes this ready for stringing (using such materials as leather or silk).

This set of 7 round handmade ceramic beads have a shiny blue-to-brown glaze over orange terracotta. They measure in range of 14mm-17mm and the hole size is approx. 4mm.

Because these are handmade, every single bead is unique. No two are exactly alike. They are temporarily strung on blue perle cotton as shown in the image.

"I'm sure you can imagine lots of uses for these beads... I like their rustic qualities and recommend using leather cord with large wooden, bone, or horn beads for a primitive style necklace. On the other hand, the contrast of the earthy terracotta with glass and crystal is also very flattering (I usually use twisted silk for stringing in this case). These beads are especially well suited to wire work (such as copper) for bracelets."

Here is a 53mm diameter round ceramic pendant. Both sides are glazed with Plum, brown, and blue colored colored glaze on white ceramic terracotta. Blue Spice Creative uses low-fire earthenware clays and glazes to replicate and to reinvent objects and motifs from these time periods.

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