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Shifflett Studios

Shifflett Studios
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I have lived most of my life in Florida, so nature and the ocean have a strong influence on my work. I like to add abstract designs to those ideas to put my own spin on things. I consider my ceramic beads and fused glass pieces one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Many of my jewelry designs feature them, but I also sell them separately so you can use them to create your own works of art. All of my ceramic and glass pieces are signed and dated. See what I am up to by visiting my blog at http://www.ShifflettStudios.blogspot.com.

While in college getting my business degree, I overloaded with art classes as stress relief. I ended up just short of an art minor in addition to my double major in Marketing and Management. After graduation, I continued taking another year of graphic design and computer graphics classes at a local college. Most recently, I attended Crealde School of Art and studied ceramics and wheel throwing for 3 years. I have always had a love for art and have tried many different medias, but my favorites are clay and glass. I’ve been working in clay since 2002 and ventured into glass and jewelry making in 2004. All of my creations are made in my home studio.

All of my ceramic pieces start from a lump of clay. They are shaped, dried, and fired once to cone 04 (approximately 1800 degrees), glazed, then fired again to cone 6 (approximately 2200 degrees) for durability. With each firing taking 24 hours or more, the most rewarding and anticipated moment is opening the kiln to reveal the finished treasures. When making sets of beads, I do my best to make them similar, but due to the handmade nature of the beads and the sometimes unpredictable forces in the kiln, there may be some slight variations in each bead.

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