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Beads of Clay Etsy Member Stores

I guess you may just want to call me the roving BOC Etsy reporter. It's where I focus most of my time when I'm not creating in the studio. Currently there are over 40 Etsy stores made up of Bead of Clay artists. Their work is fantastic. Here is a current list.

Updated 10-27-08

An Added Touch
Beads By All Means
Blue Spice Creative
Button Bliss
Buttons, Beads -n- Other Things
Captain's Clay
Caroline Sandlin
Celt Craft Designs
Chinook Designs
Cindy Ginter
Cindy Rucker's Trinkets and Baubles
Clay Buttons
Distracted Muse
Earthen Soul Beads
Enchanted Clay
Every Heart Crafts
In The Fold
Jessica Sharrah
Joan Miller Porcelain
LadyBrook Designs
Lisa Peters Art
Maku Studio
My Little Chipmunks
Lynn Barnett Pottery
Marlas Mud
Mary Harding Jewelry
Mayfly Designs
Mary's Maiolica
Mystic Spiral
Natalie Gillihan
NKP Beads
Off Center Productions
Pottery God
Raku Buttons
Sea Urchin
Stone Blossom Studio
Shaterra Clay Studio
Shifflett Studios
Virginia Miska
Willow Tree Designs
Yolandas Clay

Many members sell their beads in a variety of ways. This is only one. There are hundreds of Beads of Clay members who currently make up this growing group of artists and sell through their own websites and other online venues. On a small note, if you are a Beads of Clay member and you have an Etsy store, please email me and let me know and I'll edit this list and republish it every few months. Email me at nkp at nkpdesigns dot com with the subject header "BOC Etsy Store".


  1. Great to update this list Natalie. I always try to include BOC members when I put up a Treasury. Currently I have one called Clay Bling's The Thing. Clay Bling is coming of Age.

  2. Ooo pretty! I'm going to go and click on everything! Thanks!


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