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An Added Touch

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I have been carving out my niche in the ever-expanding jewelry market. Stringing began as a little hobby that has become an obsession! I love unique glass beads, just about every semi-precious gemstone and metals. Copper is my latest love.

Last year I discovered the wonderful Kazuri beads made by the women in Kenya and decided to try making my own ceramic beads. My mother had been a china painter and her kiln was sitting there waiting to be used. When my hairstylist, who makes wonderful pottery, encouraged me to give bead making a try, I decided to put the kiln to use! My latest creative venture is making porcelain and stoneware clay pendants and beads that I glaze and then fire in the little electric kiln.

Most of my beads are fired to a cone 6, which is mid-range and this produces a very sturdy bead or pendant; one that will not likely chip in everyday use. I am investigating the use of low fire clay and glazes and sometime soon will perhaps be listing some of these. I am what is called a "newbie" in this venture and am learning as I go.

If you are not a potter, you may not know how labor intensive the process is to make ceramic beads and pendants. Each item must be formed by hand, carefully dried and then fired to bisque. Somewhere along this initial process, the item must be smoothed by sanding or tumbling. Then a glaze is applied.

This last necklace began with a beautiful ceramic pendant with a pistachio glaze and organic texture and large hole. It is suspended from a necklace that has beads of different materials (wood and clay) and lots of dark and mysterious AB iris seed beads. The clasp is a bronze toggle. Length: 18" plus pendant drop of about 1 1/2" Pendant: 1 1/2" diameter.



  1. Very nice article. Lovely work An Added Touch. Great colors and textures.

  2. I love An Added Touch's work from the first time i saw it. She is a pro!

  3. Thanks for sharing your clay bead journey An Added Touch! Beautiful work! and I agree with Mary Harding...great colors & textures! Looking forward to more of your creative work!


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