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Colorful Beads, Pendants and Buttons By BOC Artists

Red and White
Originally uploaded by marlasmud

I recently visited the Beads of Clay Flickr! Group and was excited to see so many brightly colored beads, buttons, and pendants. I am always amazed that such tiny works of art can be so colorful and full of detail. This post is being devoted to the especially colorful Beads of Clay on Flickr! You can click on any photo to get the artist's full portfolio.

I am starting with this vibrant colorful heart from Marlasmud at FiredClayArtists.com. It is the beautiful heart at the beginning of the blog.

Next we have a beautiful porcelain flower from Annieo2006 (Annie O'Fallon)

Originally uploaded by annieo2006

These colors are truly flaming hot. A wonderfully playful bead by Melanie at Earthenwoodstudio.com

Flaming Heart Bead
Originally uploaded by Earthenwood Beads

Gorgeous pinks by Joan Tucker at offcenterproductions.com

spotted fish
Originally uploaded by rusmar31

Spotted Fish by Marti C. Wild and full of fantasy. Quite a beauty.

Salsa bead bracelet
Originally uploaded by LadyBrook

Vibrant and very red salsa beads by LadyBrook of FiredClayArtists.com

Beautiful combination of silver and pink from Lisa Peters at lisapetersART.com

Originally uploaded by Dilán

Stunning colors from Dilan. So sultry.

Originally uploaded by gaeac

Mexican Folk Art colors on this lovely necklace by gaea of http://www.gaea.com/

These jackets are so different, colorful and fun. They are from embroideredsoul.com

Ladybug Leaf Pendant
Originally uploaded by Shaterra Clay

Gorgeous colors so skillfully done on this Ladybug leaf Pendant by Shaterraclay at FiredClayArtists.com

long bead
Originally uploaded by MillerPorcelain

An incredibly made and beautifully colored porcelain bead by Joan Miller of JoanMillerPorcelain and Fired ClayArtists.com. Truly remarkable.

New Tie Dye Buttons
Originally uploaded by claybuttons

Way cool buttons by Claybuttons.com. I can't imagine how she can do this.

Wonderful shapes and colors from Nataliegillihan.com

Cameo Pendant
Originally uploaded by yoli miramontes

This is such a tactile pink on Yolanda's Locket Pendant. Wow! Yolanda Miramontes of FiredClayArtists created this one.

I guess I am not going to leave myself out although I don't usually use such bright colors. Multicolored vessel by Mary Harding of maryhardingjewelry.com and firedclayartists.com. Vessel has extra holes for more design options.

All of the BOC artists here have achieved such intense and beautiful colors by the skillful use of glazes. My all time favorite glaze for myself is Mayco Stroke and Coat. These glazes come in a wide selection of colors and are very reliable. If you want a really bright color you will need to put on three coats. I often don't use such bright colors and one or 2 coats gives me a more of a watercolor effect. I have recently seen that Duncan has come out with some very bright Neon colors. Duncan also makes a line of colors like Stroke and Coat. I haven't tried them but I know that many people really like Duncan glazes. For high fire clays like porcelain and stoneware, I've heard that Spectrum and Georgie's glazes have some very bright and intense colors but that is not an area I know much about. A good subject for another blog post from our BOC Blog Team.


  1. Beautiful selection of creativity!
    I can hardly wait to see more!

  2. I just found your blog this morning, what a beautiful array of beads showcased, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Mary! Thanks for the inclusion! I know it is a bit odd but my my web address is a .cc (sadly .com was already taken) ; (


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