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Dreaming of Ceramic Beads

When Melanie wrote her post about ceramic beads at Bead & Button, she had no way of knowing that one of our members would be making a splash in the Bead Dreams Competition as well.

photo courtesy Joan Miller Porcelain

Joan Miller, of Joan Miller Porcelain, took home first place for handmade beads or buttons. [described in the rules as "a unified collection of four or more handmade beads or buttons. (Any media except polymer clay)"] Joan's entry was an undersea themed set with a mermaid focal like the ones shown above that was complimented by a selection of her other sea-life beads. Look for the beads to be featured in an upcoming issue of Bead & Button magazine.

I should mention that Joan's beads were not the only representatives of the ceramic bead arts. Fellow BoC member Lisa Peters-Russ, of Lisa Peters Art, was also a finalist with a set of nine oversized raku buttons.

Congratulations, Joan and Lisa! Your beautiful work is the best kind of outreach.


  1. Beautiful work Joan! Are those "ceramic" bead necklaces on those beautiful mermaids????
    And congratulations to Lisa Peters as well. I love your Raku Buttons!
    Both of you are an inspiration to me!!

  2. lisa peters ARTMonday, June 25, 2007

    Thank You so much for mentioning me in your blog. It was very inspiring to be juried in along with Joan Millers extraordinary porcelain mermaids! And Thank You Marla, from Marla's Mud -- can't wait to see your treasures when you start Raku firing this summer!

    lisa peters


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