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Last night I browsed a few of these FAQ lists and some of the hints were invaluable. For example, I have an upcoming show and one of the items I would like to take with me is featured in my Etsy shop. I had decided not to take it. However, reading through some of these FAQ's revealed that I could temporarily remove it from my store by clicking the "edit" button from within my area. I will not have to pay to relist and I will not have to go through the trouble of adding the description and re-uploading a photo. I am now taking that item to my show.

Helpful Hints:


  1. Thanks so much Natalie!!!! My treasury expires tonight - and I'm going to try to snag another :)

  2. Thanks Natalie! I had seen the BOC post but hadn't had the time to send my Etsy link in! Thanks for the inclusion! Thanks! Gaea

  3. Thanks for pointing out those Etsy hints Natalie! ~Virginia

  4. Thanks Natalie! You're the best!


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