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BOC Summer Challenge: Usable Clasp/Toggle

A new challenge has been announced in the Beads-of-Clay forum! The challenge is to make a toggle or functional clasp out of ceramics. Here are some examples:
Blue Toggle by Marla of Marla's Mud

Stoneware toggle by Elaine Ray
Colorful Earthenware Toggle by Jennifer of Jangles

Stoneware Toggle by Andi of Mystic Spiral

These challenges are created as a way to get members to think about new designs and to get permission to play with something they might not usually try. There are no rules and it is not a contest, just a fun way to experiment and share. Please share your photos of your challenge pieces by posting them in the BOC Flickr group by August 1st. We will randomly post some of the entries here in the blog as they are added to the Flickr group.

Have Fun!

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  1. These are beautiful toggles. At one time I would not have thought it could be done. But you all have shown us the way.


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